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All Poet Camp asynchronous classes are offered on Wet.Ink. "Live" offerings are on Zoom, except for the Our Emily Retreat.


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Upcoming classes & offerings: 

Writing Summer Poems Inspired by Mary Oliver (8 wk, Wet.Ink) June 14- August 8 - Weeks run Wednesday to Tuesday.*Can be taken independently of Winter Poems Inspired by Mary Oliver (coming Winter, 2024) - material is entirely distinct in each of these classes. 

 In this class, we’ll reconnect with the solace and joy that nature can provide, using Mary Oliver’s work for thematic inspiration, instruction, and as a starting point to launch our own poems. Each week, we’ll consider a brief reading by Mary Oliver (a single poem, essay, or prose poem) placed in conversation with equally brief works. From these readings, we’ll write new poems from a prompt linked to that week’s topic. Every week will also include optional viewing/listening assignments, all inspired by Mary Oliver’s dictum of “Pay attention, be astonished, and tell about it.” 

*I've added a section for those who are interested in taking this without feedback. Please note this in your registration, if you're interested in this option!

July Morning Jumpstarts *Registration open!

Join us for an encore round of daily writing, using prompts from last year's July Jumpstarts. <3

July 3 - July 7 and July 10 - July 14 (weekdays)

9:00-9:15 a.m. Eastern Time, Zoom, $25


Two weeks of early weekday morning muse meetups, M-F from 9 am - 9:15 am - 15 minute Zooms using Lynda Barry’s Daily Diary format with Sarah guiding you through/cheering you on, followed by a prompt/spark to launch you into your morning pages after a brief write-along.


*All who register will receive the prompts and a few extras as a pdf after our final session.

You are welcome to only join live occasionally, or write later in the day to the daily prompt posted on our password protected group page! You'll also receive the full packet of prompts to return to once we're finished.



Very Superstitious: Poems of Everyday Magic*

August 21 - October 15 (8 weeks) This course is asynchronous. Our weeks in this class run from MONDAY TO SUNDAY with lessons posting on Monday mornings.

In this class we’ll write lucky charms, invent horoscope poems, divine lines from oracle card readings (No need to buy a deck of your own, but there are many beautiful oracle card decks available online if you'd like!), and take inspiration from everyday magic. Each week we’ll read 1-2 source texts paired with a brief example text from the folklore focus for the week. We’ll write new poems born out of a prompt linked to that week’s topic. Every week will also include optional viewing/listening assignments to provide multiple entry points into inspiration.

*NEW: Because of the popularity of this course, I've added options for those who've either taken it with my feedback before, for writing groups, and for who are interested in taking it without feedback.

Upcoming Classes & Events:


  • Our Emily in person retreat, June 4-10

  • Mary Oliver Summer Poems, 8 wks, starts June 14







  • September Jumpstarts 3rd and 4th week of September.

October: *No Jumpstarts!

  • NEW! Muse as Dryad: Poems from the Woods, 8 wks, starts October 25

  • Witchy Cozy Writing Retreat, October 27

  • Poet Camp Sleepaway, Cacapon State Park, West VA, October 12-15


  • November Jumpstarts 1st & 2nd week of November

December: *No Jumpstarts

  • Boxing Day Cozy Writing Retreat, December 26

On the Horizon in 2024

  • Writing Winter Poems Inspired by Mary Oliver, February, 2024

  • Our Mary Oliver, Provincetown, MA, Fall, 2024

 *Registration linked as we get closer to these dates.

*I'm starting to plan these classes! Please take this survey to help me decide what to offer! <3

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